The Infinite Possibilities of the PanoTrends Framework system

PanoTrends can be used in a nearly limitless number of applications. Its dynamic and expandable framework allows for new objectives to be created quickly and accurately. Potential uses include monitoring, polling, and tracking:

Monitor opinions
PanoTrends monitors company public opinion and reaction using any electronic media stream (Twitter, Blogs, etc).
Monitor execution of policies to see immediate affects from customers and/or employees.
Companies can track their own corporate data flow for marketing and/or advertising.
Be alerted immediately to any negative media sentiment of your corporation allowing for quicker reaction and response.
Company analysts can use PanoTrends to set up volume and sentiment based triggers.
Monitoring corporate well-being by tracking internal emails and determining overall employee satisfaction or pinpointing potential trouble employees.
Spotting favorable imerging trends for possible investment opportunities.

Political polling
Allows real-time polling.
Track political candidates in a real-time environment
Eliminates the need for using expensive polling companies.
Monitor public opinion on any topic, such as healthcare or global warming.
Monitor live social media sources to record reaction to debates or televised events.
Monitor candidate reaction over a specific time period for controlled news releases.

Track and monitor criminal activities
Perfect for law enforcement.
Allows for real-time monitoring of electronic forums or media for increased chatter.
Threat Assement monitoring and immediate triggering upon simple metrics (ie. mood becomes hostile and volume increases 35%).
Capable of alerting analysts in nearly any type electronic format (Text Message, Email, Instant Message, Fax).
Monitor internal data systems to keep track of possible suspects and be alerted if GeoLocation entities appear and/or volume increases.