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10/08/09 PanoTrends System Launched


Silva Tech Solutions Releases Demonstration of World's First Accurate Tweet Polarity Processing Engine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 8, 2009 – Silva Tech Solutions, a cutting edge software development company, today made publicly available a demonstration of its new Web 3.0 Sentiment Analysis System, known as PanoTrends© ( PanoTrends is being called the world’s first accurate tweet polarity processing engine.

Using Twitter© and various other data sources, PanoTrends semantically detects the status of defined entities, and creates sudden and dynamic relationships with associated entities of interest. In the demonstration, PanoTrends focuses on the current national healthcare debate using Twitter© data. Several different products are provided on the website, including a live data analysis updated every ten seconds. Future capabilities of PanoTrends include support for 200 languages and geocoding of data.

Jeremy Silva, Chief Technologist for Silva Tech Solutions explains, “the live data analysis feature shows the unique capabilities of PanoTrends. PanoTrends calculates an instant sentiment analysis, providing an immediate feedback on any subject.” Silva also states this feedback can be correlated to trigger points, thereby generating alerts for specific criterion. “PanoTrends can be a valuable tool for government agencies by scanning the internet for increases in criminal activity and issuing alerts if any is detected.” PanoTrends is a complete turn-key system available for any government, corporate, or private organization.

With over 20 years of software engineering and data integration experience, Silva Tech Solutions has consistently delivered cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions to clients. Ranging from advanced data mining / data visualization systems to running multi-state small business IT infrastructures, Silva Tech Solutions provides precise and cost-effective strategies to meet any client’s needs.

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