The PanoTrends Knowledge Processing System

The PanoTrends framework is an extremely versatile system that can be adapted to any large volume information flow within any public or business sector context. PanoTrends can assist with marketing analysis, opinion monitoring, converse policy deployment analysis, criminal tracking, and threat assessment.

What is PanoTrends?

PanoTrends is a patent-pending data acquisition system that collects information over the internet (or an intranet) and determines the market's overall reaction and/or mood of the data. The acquisition of data can come from nearly limitless amount of sources, such as Twitter and other social networking, mainstream media sources, blogs, and even company emails. Once the data is acquired and processed, PanoTrends analyzes the data and displays the results in easy to understand graphs and charts. Explore the difference uses of PanoTrends, by viewing examples of PanoTrends's huge potential.


Complete turnkey solution.

Engineered to handle tremendous volumes of data, which can be installed on either a single workstation or distributed across multiple systems.

Capable of processing data from any amount of sources such as blogs, Twitter and other social media, live data sources, emails, and peer-to-peer messages.

Extremely modular system allowing for easy integration of new data sources.

Coming Soon

Completely encrypted transactions and isolated crawlers.
Crawling system and Processing systems can be completely isolated systems, with scheduled pick-up and tasking options. The next iteration of the system will have the transactions between the Crawling and Processing system be carried out over a secure SSH shell. Optional TOR integration for completely discrete monitoring of source information.

Geo-Coding of data with realtime plot on Google Earth.
PanoTrends will have the ability to geo-code data as it is received (if applicable), allowing live geographical graphing of any data source along with sentiment.

Extracted entity heatmaps of volume data.
Data will not only be processed with sentiment, but also all entities related to People/Places/Organizations. A completely dynamic heat-map of data will be shown to allow analysts to view changing patterns over time and trigger alerts based on certain events.